Jam Thumbprint Cookies (Gluten Free, Vegan)

These Jam Thumbprint Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and can be made paleo. This simple recipe has only four ingredients!

These Jam Thumbprint Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and can be made paleo. This simple recipe has only four ingredients!Hi guys. I’ve been totally AWOL, despite my promises of stories from London and all that good stuff. Let me throw something out there – London has been amazing so far (for the most part, but we’ll get there in a second), but you want to know something slightly pathetic for a blogger?

I have yet to take ONE picture that was not a blurry, night-out, nightclub picture. I know, I know. But the truth is, I haven’t really been sightseeing yet! It’s been orientation, classes (ahem, modules, as the Brits call them), meeting new people, and going out. Oh, getting sick. Right, how is that for luck! One week in, and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling horrific, barely able to get out of bed. So for the past three days I’ve been in my room, miserable. Until this morning, I hadn’t seen a soul, and all I had eaten was one granola bar and a handful of cereal…in three days.

These Jam Thumbprint Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and can be made paleo. This simple recipe has only four ingredients!

That’s so not healthy. But I was sick, and I had no appetite and my mom wasn’t there to bring me crackers and soup, so severe undernourishment was the easiest solution. I’m finally starting to feel slightly better (AKA able to stand up without wanting to pass out) and I made my first venture into the human world today, so steps in the right direction are being made.

Besides my terrible sickness, I really do love it here and promise to share many stories soon!

But these cookies though. I know some of you roll your eyes when you see “gluten free”, “vegan”, “paleo”, or “refined sugar free” attached to any recipe, nonetheless more than one of those words (although some of you love it!) and I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that these are exactly like those thumbprints from grandma that contain more butter and sugar than should be allowed. But, seriously guys, these are good.

These Jam Thumbprint Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and can be made paleo. This simple recipe has only four ingredients!

For the whole time they were in my house, my sister and I could not stop devouring them. In fact, we made them twice, which totally was not a big deal because they only take 4 (FOUR!) ingredients and come together in like, two seconds. Okay, a little more than that because they have to chill in the fridge for a lil’ bit (30 minutes, but you can leave ’em longer), but that’s totally hands off time that you can go use to go paint your nails or watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Wait – don’t wait your nails, you’re going to need to use those thumbs, and these are jam thumbprints, not nail polish thumbprints. Stick with HIMYM.

Anyways, moral of the story – these are tasty little suckers that don’t make a huge batch AND aren’t bad for you, so you truly have no reason to feel sorry for demolishing the whole pan. If you are paleo and can’t have storebought jam, you can make your own paleo jam (this one looks delicious) or you could fill them with almond butter (which I wish I would have thought of when I was making these. That would be totally delicious).

If you don’t have maple syrup on hand, honey will do, but keep in mind that honey isn’t vegan! You can also increase the amount of sweetener if you like a sweeter cookie, because these have a pretty mild sweetness – I wanted the jam to shine through. No almond flour? Make your own! It’s super simple to do in a food processor, Vitamix, or coffee grinder. Just Google it and you’ll see a ton of recipes and step-by-step pictures.

These Jam Thumbprint Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and can be made paleo. This simple recipe has only four ingredients!

I do hope you’ll give these a shot – enjoy, and hope the beginning of your 2014 has been great!

Jam Thumbprint Cookies (GF, Vegan)
Serves: 15 cookies
  • 1 ¼ cup ground almonds
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  • 1.5 tbsp maple syrup
  • ¼ cup raspberry or strawberry jam (or any jam or filling you desire)
  1. In a medium bowl, mix together all ingredients except for the jam and shape into a ball. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes (or up to 24 hours).
  2. Preheat oven to 375 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat baking sheet.
  3. Form 15 balls from the dough. Make an imprint in the centre of each cookie with your thumb and fill each imprint with jam.
  4. Bake for 11 minutes for until light golden brown around the edges. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from The Honour System


  1. I LOVE to see a recipe tagged as vegan, and these cookies look baller! Just found your blog, and I hope you’re having a wonderful time in London. I lived there for four months, and I miss it so much! Happy 2014!

  2. These are so cute – and a classic treat!

  3. Hi Rachel! These look delicious–I made something really similar over winter break. For paleo people, St. Dalfour makes awesome all-fruit jams that contain only fruit and fruit juice. Hope you feel 100% soon and get to enjoy more of London!

  4. Oh man, getting sick abroad is the worst (and it happens to me every time I go). I hope you’re feeling better soon! And I can definitely see how these cookies would go fast. They look amazing!

  5. These cookies are amazing!! I’m sorry you got sick just after week. But I’m glad you are having a great time, meeting people and exploring will come later.

  6. such amazing cookies…..thumbprints are our weakness and these look so good we just will be finishing off the whole jar of them after we try this out,thanks so much for sharing a delicious vegan recipe :-)

  7. I hope that you feel much better soon! Being sick like that is the worst – especially when no one is around to take care of you!! These thumbprints sound awesome – I love thumbprint cookies … there’s just something about them : )

  8. Yum, these look delicious! Living the fact they’re gluten free and vegan :)

  9. these cookies look great! love the gf and vegan recipe!

  10. Thumbprints are a childhood favorite, always a favorite. Thanks for the happy memories! :)

  11. These look so delicious! A healthy cookie, sign me up!

  12. Oh my gosh girl! These are some of my favorite cookies and I am so in love with the fact that you made them GF!
    Want all the cookies. Need all the cookies.
    P.s I hope that you feel better for all your London exploring!!

  13. Not rolling my eyes at all! No reason GF and vegan can’t be delish! I’m actually trying harder to put my phone and camera away so I can live more in the moment so don’t worry too much about the lack of picture-taking ;)

  14. Love jam thumbprint cookies and especially with raspberry jam! I’ve yet to try a vegan version. Pinned!

  15. I bet these are seriously so tasty. I love how cute they are and they are gluten free!

  16. I love how simple this recipe is! These cookies look so delicious. I love jam thumbprints.

  17. I hope you’re feeling much better now, Rachel! Enjoy your time in London!
    These cookies look fab. I made them once with honey and they tastes great. I can’t wait to try your version ;–)

  18. Love these cookies! I know some people turn away from gf and vegan baked goods, but I’m always so impressed by people who can make them look and taste just like full fat versions. Like you! So sorry you’ve been sick in London! Hope you feel better soon!

  19. So glad you are having a great time here in the UK :) Can you believe i had never heard of thumbprint cookies until i had one in the canteen at work the other day! and now I have the recipe, thaanks

  20. Damn these look good! I have all the ingredients on hand to make them, including a jar of the most insanely delicious tart cherry jam I bought at the farmer’s market this past weekend. I might have to make these tonight. PS. SO addicted to HIMYM!

  21. Love these cookies! Have fun in London! I can’t wait to read all about it.

  22. I would’ve never guessed how few the ingredients were! Wow, these look amazing. So sorry you’ve been sick and glad you are feeling better. I’ve been under the weather this week, but I’m thinking a batch of these cookies would definitely make things better! :)

  23. I am loving the fact these only have 4 ingredients and look so stinkin’ delicious! I could pretty much eat my way through most of the batch in one night! O.K. Maybe I’d share. . .

  24. I love the simplicity of this recipe! Hope you are having fun in London!

  25. Don’t feel bad about not taking photos! Sometimes you just have to take a step back from the camera and live your life without worrying if it is picture perfect or not. :)

    I love HIMYM. I am SO sad to see it end!

    These cookies are amazing. Especially since they are vegan and gf!

  26. Vegan?
    I would have never guessed, I mean they look so divine in the photos.
    And you used the good stuff jam too.
    Would love to try them with apricot.

  27. I love how simple the ingredients are, they look so delish!! Have fun in london, do post some pics soon :)

  28. I love the simplicity! I hate when recipes use a lot of unnecessary substitutes to make them gluten free, vegan, etc..but these sound simple and delicious!

  29. Those are some gorgeous looking cookies for sure! I love the jam in them!

  30. Rachel, I can NOT believe this recipe! How are they only 4 ingredients and healthy and look so incredibly delicious! I can’t wait to try these!!

  31. I have so much jam at home, and now I know just what to do with it. Also, don’t you think that HIMYM has been kinda sucking lately?

  32. I’m sure you’ll find your niche once you’ve settled in. Hope you feel better soon! Mmm, cookies. :)

  33. I hope you feel better soon! Have a blast in London! My husband went there a few years ago and had a blast! I can’t wait to go back! BTW..I can’t believe that their are only 4 ingredients in these cookies. Pinned! :)

  34. I hope you are feeling better and finally get to start enjoying London. These cookies look outstanding. Love how easy they are to make!

  35. Oh, girl…I just love this cookie recipe! Last year, I did a double thumbprint heart jam cookie that is paleo and vegan for Valentine’s Day. Now, I can’t wait to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  36. These look so good – and I can’t believe they are vegan and gluten free! What a great recipe!!

  37. These look superb! So golden and buttery – without *actually* being buttery of course. And I love that they only have four ingredients.

    Sounds like you are having a blast in London (except for the getting sick part). Keep it up – the fun, not the sick! ;)

  38. I hope you feel better by now Rachel!! Also happy to hear you are enjoying London; that’s lovely! These thumbprint cookies are THAT easy?? I’m literally scrambling to see if I still have almonds left! Love how these look!

  39. haha, modules is the coolest word. I’d totally rather go to them than classes ;)These thumbprints sound great, GF or not!

  40. Hey Rachel! Update: I tried these for my uncle who is GF – he loved them!! Then I made them for my family again later that evening and they also loved them. So did I! P.S. they also taste great with oat flour and honey. Thanks so much for this recipe <3

  41. I love vegan items..! And these cookies look lovely! They are next up on my list of cookies to try! Thanks for the recipe.

  42. I made these for my GF/Vegan friends. I used your cookie base and then filled it with a fig puree I made and then drizzled chocolate on top YUM. They were divine! Such a simple cookie recipe and it tastes so similar to shortbread. I would add in some salt next time. Thank you!

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  44. I made these for an event yesterday (I always like making sure any GF or vegans can enjoy too) and got so many compliments and a few requests for recipes! I’ll be giving you a shout out on my blog http://101threads.com/101-flavors/ and link to the recipe. Thanks!


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