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Bakerita Book Cover

The Bakerita Cookbook is here!

100+ no-fuss gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free recipes for the modern baker.

The Bakerita Cookbook has been a dream of mine since I started this website, Bakerita, over ten years ago. Nothing thrills me more than to be able to finally share it with you, to get this creation of love into your hands and your kitchen. I tested each recipe in this book meticulously to create treats that you’ll want to make again and again. To make treats that are approachable. To help teach that dessert doesn’t have to be sinful, and that it can be a wholesome part of your diet that is still ultra-satisfying. Within the book are odes to the people around me who have inspired and encouraged me along the way – like the One-Hour Cinnamon Rolls, which were made for my sister, the Coconut Cupcakes that remind me of the cupcakes my mom used to make all the time, and the number of chocolate peanut butter recipes, which are all dedicated to my dad.

I wrote this book to be approachable, with recipes for those experienced in baking, but also for those of you who don’t have a ton of experience. The introduction guides you through how to stock your pantry, delves into the ingredients that might not be familiar to you, and includes tons of tips to make baking these recipes as seamless as possible. I hope this book gets dirty and stained with streaks of coconut oil and maple syrup from all the love it gets in your kitchen! 

About Rachel

Rachel Conners began her blog as a hobby to share baking recipes with friends, but when she started to focus more on gluten-free, paleo, and vegan recipes to make things she could share with her sister, who was following a strict diet due to health concerns, Rachel quickly realized she was onto something.

Bakerita surged in popularity as fans flocked to it for delicious and beautifully photographed recipes. Interest in gluten-free and dairy-free foods continues to grow in popularity, yet there are remarkably few books available focused just on desserts, and even fewer with recipes that even beginner bakers can make at home.

That’s where Bakerita comes in, offering recipes for everything from breakfast treats like Lavender-Lemon Raspberry Scones, pies and tarts such as Chocolate Mousse Pie, and updated all-time favorites like chocolate chip cookies, all made without any hard-to-find ingredients.

“Each and every time I make a Bakerita recipe, it turns out perfectly and just as pretty as the pictures, and trust me as a recipe developer myself, that’s so important! It’s obvious that Rachel puts so much love and time into her recipes, meticulously testing each one to ensure that her readers have successful results. The world is truly lucky to have Rachel’s incredible creations at their fingertips!”

—Nicole Modic, creator of KALEJUNKIE

“Nothing but the sweet stuff and completely dairy-, gluten-, and refined sugar–free; this book was definitely made for me. My only complaint is that I don’t know what to make first because I’ve bookmarked the entire thing!”

—Natalie Thomas, creator of Feasting on Fruit