Pancake Day Recipe Roundup

Happy Pancake Day! Food holidays always call for a big celebration, and considering how much I love a good pancake (especially with chocolate chips! Mmm…) I thought I would share a roundup of my favorite pancake recipes from around the web to help you all celebrate. Since I’m essentially kitchen-less at the moment, my pancake celebrations will have to be at a restaurant. But, as long as I get pancakes, I’ll be a happy girl! Now, enjoy these pieces of pancake beauty from around the web! Click “More” to see the recipes…

Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes (as part of the Pancake Day Recipe Roundup!) on

I hope you’re hungry! What’s your favorite way to enjoy pancakes? What kind are you eating today?!

P.S. do you guys like posts like this?! I loved writing it – let me know in the comments if you want to see more recipe roundups/favorites posts on Bakerita!


  1. It’s National Pancake Day?! HOW DID I MISS IT.
    Looks like I have some ground to make up…with all the pancakes!
    Love this post girl! It’s an easy way to get some more ideas of what to stuff in my face next!

  2. I missed National Pancake Day this year! Noooooooooo! ;) Although, I grabbed some pancakes out of the freezer just a bit ago, before I knew, so somewhere in my subconsciousness I guess I just felt it. ;) I love this assortment of recipes – such creativity! Pancakes are just the best.

  3. I missed the memo on pancake day! I sure do love them. Maybe they’ll be for dinner tonight in honor of its name day. :)
    Chocolate chip are my favorite. :)

  4. Rachel, this is such a great collection of pancakes! I happen to be a huge fan of pancakes. No fun being kitchen-less! So, bring on some more delicious creations of round ups… love this one! ;)

  5. Great round up for Pancake Day! Rocky Road pancakes sound amazingggg!

  6. Wow! These look amazing! What a cute idea!! I’m gluten intolerant and haven’t had pancakes in soooo long! I need to get on that and find a recipe!! YUM! Happy Pancake Day!!

  7. Since its pancake day.I need to know how to make Sweedish Oatmeal Panckaes. I had them once at a restaurant and they were the best ones I ever had!

  8. Pancake Day is a favourite at our house! We love breakfast for dinner! Thank you for all these great recipe suggestions!! I am going to try the banana, peanut butter chocolate chip recipe tonight, with some Baby Brain Organics for more protein & fibre! Yum!

  9. I adore pancakes so this roundup is perfection!

  10. Love this list of pancakes!! Thanks for the shout out :)

  11. I am officially craving pancakes. Must make pancakes for dinner tonight!

  12. This is one tasty round up of pancake recipes! I wish I would have known before this morning because I totally would have been all over pancake day. :) Those strawberry sprinkles ones from Averie Cooks are calling my name!

  13. Great list. I feel like I have to go to the kitchen and start making pancakes. :P
    Thanks for featuring my recipe as well.

    Good stuff!

  14. Yay for pancakes! I actually rarely make them since I hate flipping them over haha I’m terrible at it! But there are just so many good ones here…

  15. Pancakes are the best! Perfect for breakfast or dinner :-)

  16. We can never get enough pancakes! Finally, I can actually have a variety!

  17. Hello Rachel … I usually bookmark these types of posts for later, so I do find them very useful! I like the sound of the lemon and ricotta pancakes … always loved the simpler pancakes! When I was a child my favourite was just lemon and sugar, but I think that’s very European (I’m talking about thin crepes here not American pancakes). But to be honest I like both types!

  18. wow! thank you for such a diverse pancake recipe list! love it!

  19. What a roundup! So much deliciousness all in one place :) Can’t wait to get cooking!

  20. Your baking ideas are so outstanding. I can’t believe how authentic and genuine your ideas are.
    I’m clearly going to eat myself into oblivion as a result of your recipes.

  21. I’m clearly going to eat myself into oblivion as a result of your recipes! Simply unbelievable ~!

  22. Thanks for the round up! Exactly what I was looking for!! Need some new pancaker inspiration, my banana egg ones egt boring slowly ;-)

  23. pat lackmond says:

    just saw the apple pancakes and you did not indicate the amount of each ingredeant! What are the amounts ????????

  24. Betty Roth says:

    Please email me the recipe for the apple puffed pancake. no amounts were given in the video.

  25. Hi Rachel,

    This is the first time I am visiting your site. I must say it looks AWESOME! I just did a Blog post myself on pancakes and would very much appreciate it if you could have a look at it and let me know what you think :)


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  2. […] Nationwide pancake day is March 4th. I missed it this yr. Lame. I discovered this tasty roundup from Bakerita that I’m undoubtedly going to bookmark. Don’t fear, you don’t have to attend till subsequent March to make all of those. I do know I’m not going to! Discover all of the recipes here. […]

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