This Cran Passion Sparkler is a delicious, super easy drink perfect for the summertime! With no alcohol, the whole family can enjoy this refreshing drink.

Finally! Finally, finally, finally. I’m finally better. After a month of being miserably sick, I can now leave the house for more than five minutes and function like a normal human being. Oh man, you have no idea how good it feels! After a month of couch arrest, I was so ready to be out in the sunshine.

Yesterday was my first day of feeling good enough to go out, and I had an amazing, itch-nausea-headache free day (Yes, my symptoms were nausea, an inability to keep anything down except for bread and Gatorade, itching all over, swollen hands and joints, and pounding headaches. Fun, right?)! My sister was back from college for the weekend, so my dad, my sister, my dog and I went on an amazing walk around our neighborhood.

The sun was out and shining, the most gorgeous day we’ve had here in San Diego for a while. After that, we went to a street fair and then to the farmer’s market. The farmer’s market was amazing! We bought bags and bags of fresh, locally-grown fruit, tried the most amazing gyros I’ve ever had, sampled more hummus varieties than I can count, and had super yummy crepes for lunch. I hope everyone else has as great as a farmer’s market around them as I do! If you have one and have never been, please go! Promise, you’ll have a great time and even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll leave full from all the amazing food samples!

Today was less hectic, but still a good day. A little headache and dizziness, but that’s nothing compared to how I felt before so I battled through it. However, right before we went to dinner, my dad got an email from a longtime family friend, inviting me to apply for a contest in Girl’s Life magazine! Since I always loved that magazine growing up, and the task was simple, I decided to go for it.

The task? Create a delicious, easy, non-alcoholic, refreshing summertime drink to be featured in the magazine! After dinner, my dad and I went to the market and stocked up on fresh and frozen ingredients, determined to make the perfect drink. We spent hours in the kitchen, pureeing fruit, straining fruit, mixing together juices, sparkling water, fruit concentrates, and soda.

At one point my dad said, “Rachel, you’re a baker. Not a mixologist!” Of that I was fully aware. Nothing was turning out right! The sweetness was missing when we used the sparkling soda, but overpowered by the lemon-lime soda. Finally, after many drinks laying all over my kitchen and a plethora of fruit purees lining my counter top, we had a winner. It was the simplest we had made, and definitely the most delicious. Throw in some fresh raspberries and it was perfection. I hope you love it as much as my dad and I do, and I hope you’ll whip it up to get you and your family through some hot summer days!

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Cran Passion Sparklers

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This Cran Passion Sparkler is a delicious, super easy drink perfect for the summertime! With no alcohol, the whole family can enjoy this refreshing drink.


  • 1 cup frozen passion fruit juice concentrate (I used Welch’s)
  • 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail
  • 2 cups sparkling water
  • Raspberries and/or blackberries (fresh or frozen, optional)


  1. Combine first three ingredients in a pitcher, stir together. Chill until ready to serve. To serve: place two-4 blackberries/raspberries (optional) in the bottom of a cocktail glass and pour drink over. Enjoy!


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