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Copenhagen! So cool, and so. darn. expensive. Seriously, that’s the first thing everyone told me when I said I was going to Copenhagen, and I didn’t really believe them until I spent hours scouring the street for a decent meal that was under $20. However, Mariah and I managed to do Copenhagen without spending our entire life savings, and still ate pretty darn well if I do say so myself (and eating is the most important part of traveling, is it not? Besides culture and stuff…).

Copenhagen is a pretty incredible city. It’s really small, and we walked just about everywhere (also nice for our wallets). It’s so charming to stroll through, and although we couldn’t pronounce, well, anything, we managed to get around and explore the city. Our first day there, we literally just wandered. We walked down Strøget, a super touristy shopping street that’s the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe (thanks Wikipedia!). It was full of clothes stores, restaurants, and people – so vibrant and exciting, and we had a ton of fun exploring all of the different stores and getting a feel for the culture.

The next day, we headed to Torvehallerne, a food market that was highly recommended by our friend Maya. Not one to pass on a food market, we had to go. We indulged in fish and chips (sooo good, also recommended by Maya), a pizza-wrap sorta deal (Mariah wouldn’t share with me because I was sick :( but she really enjoyed it!), and gelato. Oh my, I got dulce de leche, and it was totally worth sitting in the freezing cold eating gelato for. Loved every second of it.

After the food market, we headed to Nyhavn, the street with all the colorful houses that is iconic Copenhagen. From there we took a canal tour and got to see a lot of the city sitting on a boat! Definitely a relaxing way to explore. After that, we wandered around a little bit more, grabbed street food dinner of crepes for me, and hot dog for Mariah. Yum! We left super early the next morning, so had a chill night in and got a good night sleep :) We had an incredibly relaxing time in Copenhagen, but it was so much fun! The city is so full of life and has such a young, exciting atmosphere. I loved it! And now for the whole trip in pictures…

Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Candy Store in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comThese pictures are all from our first day, where we just wandered around and explored the city! There are so many incredible buildings, and cute little stores. How adorable are the signs on that candy store?!

Candy Store in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Candy in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comMariah has a massive obsession with gummy candy (and I’m never one to turn it down) so when we saw an “American-style” candy store, we had to get some bags to fill up. Some of the candy was weird and Danish and absolutely not good at all, but most of it was delicious. Like that white chocolate frog! Sooo good.

Bakery in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Bakery in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comWe also stumbled upon this bakery, and everything looked amazing! We didn’t get anything, but they had samples out so we each snagged a cupcake sample. I got a chocolate cupcake, and omg. Probably the best chocolate frosting I’ve maybe ever had. I need to recreate it. And look! They have glitter on top!

Hamburger in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comFor our 4:00pm lunch/dinner sorta meal, we got burgers. How boring…but they were delicious! They had cheese and bacon, so how could they not be?

Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comThis was the day of the food market…here’s the outside! I’m just going to insert all of the pictures, and let you admire. This is a must do for any foodie lover in Copenhagen!!

Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Fish & Chips at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Pizza Wrap at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comAbove: those fish and chips man…the best I’ve ever tried. Perfectly crispy, and the fries were delicious. Oh, and Mariah’s pizza wrap! Doesn’t it look good?! Can’t vouch cause I didn’t try it, but she recommends it :) And last but most certainly not least from the food market…gelato! I got dulce de leche (heaven in a cone) and Mariah got mango sorbet because she forgot her lactate pill…she didn’t like it. It got scooped into the trash and she ate the cone plain. Go for the milky flavors, guys. Mariah made a rookie move. Please admire:

Dulce de Leche Gelato in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Canal Tour in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.com Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comThose pictures above are from our canal tour! Such a lovely way to see Copenhagen, but it was pretty freezing :O

Coffee in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comPost-canal tour we were freezing and exhausted, so we got coffee. IT COST 9 DOLLARS. For a coffee. Seriously.

Ham & Cheese Crepe in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comHam & Cheese Crepe in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comOn our wander home, we got street food for dinner. I got a ham and cheese crepe. Sorry for the sort of heinous picture, but I wanted to show you guys the insides (that sounded weird. sorry.). It was reaalllly good, and had pesto and cucumbers and all sorts of good stuff. Mariah got a hot dog (which is a total Copenhagen thing to do) but I don’t have pictures. Sorry :(

Tivoli Gardens at Night in Copenhagen, Denmark | Bakerita.comOur hotel was super close to Tivoli gardens, and though it was closed when we were these, seeing the entrance all lit up like this was absolutely gorgeous. Loved it!! Wish it had been open so I would’ve been able to experience it…guess another trip to Copenhagen must happen!

And…that’s all! I hope you guys like reading about my adventures. I’m leaving for Paris to see my Aunt Lori, Uncle Brian, and cousin Sami in about an hour, and I’m so excited! First time I’ll have seen family since I got to Europe. Au revior, and you can bet on a delicious Parisian food tour when I’m back! xoxo

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