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My Essential Baking Tools

These are the BEST Essential Baking Tools that you can buy to help make your baking life that much easier!

Hey guys! I created this page to share all of my essential baking tools with you. I’m a firm believer that good tools can go a long way towards making an outstanding final product in the kitchen. These are my go-to favorite things that I have in my kitchen to help make my life easier and help me turn out the best product, every time. I’ll write a little bit about each product, how I use it, and why I like it. I hope you enjoy this! As I remember and discover more of my favorites, I’ll keep adding to the page. Let me know some of your favorite, must have kitchen products in the comments section below.

Parchment Pan Liners

These ChefLand Parchment Paper Sheets makes my life SO much easier, and they are probably my favorite and most used thing on this list. They line every pan for just about everything I make. I use them on cookie sheets, I snip the corners and use them to line square and rectangular pans for bars and brownies, and I cut them into circles for cakes. I never wash pans because of these. They’re the best! Make sure you get the right size to fit your pans. These are 12″x16″ and fit my big half sheet pans perfectly (though you can always fold them/cut them to fit your pan size).

Sheet Pans

When I first ordered my these 13″x18″ perforated sheets pans, and I realized I had accidentally realized bought pans with holes in them, I was worried. Why were there holes on my baking sheet? And then I started using it, lined with my favorite afore mentioned ChefLand Parchment Paper Sheets, and realized that all my cookies were cooking really nice and evenly because perforation means optimal airflow and more even baking. These silicone baking mats also fit perfectly and help your food cook evenly with no sticking to the pan! These baking sheets are affordable, sturdy, and good quality. Of course, they also have ones without perforation, and they’re also great. You can get them here.

Baking Pans

I use almost all metal pans. They conduct heat well, they store easily, and they’re light. I swear – when I make a batch of brownies in a glass pan they’re so heavy I have to use two hands.
All the pans I use – rectangle, square, and circle – get lined with the ChefLand Parchment Paper Sheets I mentioned earlier. I must say, I have a lot of old pans that still do the job. But after discovering the brand USA Pans, they’re my new fave! My favorites from them are the pans with corners, like the 9×13″ rectangle pan, 8″ square pan, 9″ square pans, and 9×5″ loaf pan, because they’re pans have sharp corner edges. I like the look of them so much better than rounded corners, and they fit my parchment sheets perfectly. But, if you’re not using parchment, these pans also super non-stick (seriously, your baked goods will slide right out) and clean really easily.

Food Storage Containers

A peak in my pantry! Here's how I keep all of my baking ingredients organized.I keep most of my dry baking ingredients in plastic storage containers, out of their original packaging. They store way more efficiently this way, and I can see exactly what I have and how much of it I have left. I have a few of these awesome OXO Good Grips POP Containers, but I’ve also collected a lot of containers from Goodwill, Big Lots, and Target. I always go for square or rectangle shapes because they’re more space efficient. I’m huge on kitchen organization, and since I started putting all of my dry goods into these the must have organization part of my brain has been much happier and my cabinets much more organized. The pictures shows my kitchen cabinet, right next to work area, where most of my baking supplies are stored. You can see most of the items are in containers, and the things that aren’t will likely be in containers soon. I also love my little 9″ round turntable to keep the things I use super often (salt, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and cocoa powder) really easily accessible. Let me know if you want to see a full post on pantry organization!

OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoops

I have broken SO MANY cookie scoops. Cookie dough filled with tons of huge chunks of stuff has done in over 10 different cookie scoops over the years, but the OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop is the only one that has survived, and it’s one of the first cookie scoops I ever had. I have had the medium version for ages, and I just got the large size since the cupcake/muffin scoop I had been using just broke. I just used it for the first time, and I already love it. These cookie scoops are super durable, and will give you even cookies, cupcakes, or muffins every time. Never have sticky cookie dough hands or a broken cookie scoop again.

Fluted Tart Pan with a Removable Bottom

I make sooo many tarts so having a good, non-stick tart pan with a removable bottom is of utmost importance to me. I use a 9″ tart pan most frequently, and I love this aluminum one. It’s affordable, cleans super easily, and I never have trouble with crusts sticking to the pan. I also use these Wilton mini 4.75″ tart pans sometimes when I want cute individual tarts, and they’re also nonstick, easy to clean, and affordable. Make tarts!

OXO Good Grips Five-Pound Food Scale

About 90% of the time, I bake by weighing out my ingredients. It’s just more precise and bonus – you use less measuring cups, so less washing! I use this OXO Good Grips Five-Pound Food Scale and it does just the trick. It’s not too expensive, switches between grams and pounds, and is really precise. If you’re curious, about the weight guidelines I use I generally follow King Arthur Flour’s Master Weight Chart. Or, if the weight is listed on the package, I calculate the amount I’m using based on the servings and use that!

KitchenAid Mixer Beater Blade

Beater Blades are the best. I hate having to scrape down the bowl of my stand mixer when I’m mixing up a batter or dough, and this blade eliminates the need! It scrapes the sides of the bowl as it mixes which helps things go so much quicker and mix that much better. I usually still scrape the bowl once, but you really only need to get the stuff that’s creeped it’s way above the blades. I literally never use my regular beater attachment anymore. But hint: make sure you get the right size! Click here if you have a 4.5 to 5 quart bowl. Click here if you have a 5-plus to 6 quart bowl. I got the wrong size…twice. So double check! Don’t be like me.

Metal Mixing Bowls

My favorite bowls to use in the kitchen, 90% of the time, are metal mixing bowls. They’re light and they clean easily – what more could you want? These specific ChefLand Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are also dishwasher safe. Metal bowls are also perfect to use in a pinch as the top of a double boiler…and I definitely don’t have a double boiler, so that’s always what I do. Glass bowls bug me because they’re super heavy, especially when full of batter, but I do keep a few around for when I need to microwave something.

Stackable Cooling Racks

This Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Rack is awesome. It’s less than $10, and has always held up to the tons of baked goods I’ve stacked on it over the years. I have one of these at home in San Diego, I had one all throughout college, and I have one now in my new apartment. It saves so much space and fits tons of cookies, cakes, and whatever other baked goods you wanna throw on it. The three racks are separate so you can use however many you use at the time, and the legs fold down for easy storage. A cooling rack is simple, invaluable tool and this is a good one for your money. Pro tip: don’t put something with a glaze on top of something you don’t want the glaze on, cause you might end up with lemon blueberry glaze all over your salted walnut chocolate chunk cookies. Oops.

Pan Organizer

This is how I organize my pans, using a Euro Kitchen Organizer.As I mentioned earlier, I’m majorly into kitchen organization. In my last house, the way my pans were organized drove me crazy and it was always so frustrating and so loud to find the pan I wanted. When I moved into my new apartment, I ordered one of these Euro Kitchen Organizers. I use it for my sheet pans, muffin pans, cooling racks, and other random pans I have. See the picture…and also note that a lot of my pans are in the drying rack right now – you’re seeing a lot of my janky, old ones here! Sorry :/ but this organizer makes my cabinet so much more organized. I can see everything I have and grab what I want. Love it!

Silicone Spatulas

Never disparage the value of a silicone scraper spatula. I love these, and I use them all the time. I have the OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set and it’s awesome. You can find silicone spatulas pretty much everywhere, but I particularly love the small green spatula in this set and it’s what I use 95% of the time. I love that it fits into every small nook, cranny, bottle, or jar that I could need it for, and it’s super pliable. These are a staple to make sure no cookie dough or cake batter goes unused!

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