The Best Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas For Women

Gifting is HARD, and in the midst of gifting season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the folks you’ve got to get presents for. So to help you out, I made a list of my favorite products. It includes things I’ve owned and used, things I’ve been given, and things that I am going to give this year. All of them are things I’d love to give and receive, and hopefully it will help to inspire some ideas for you too! I also included discount codes just for you guys where I could :)

Ceramics ($10-$100+): handmade pottery and ceramics are always one of my favorite gifts to give and to be given – there’s something magical about giving a gift that is unique and not something off a store shelf. Bonus: you’re also supporting artisans, and if you can support local artisans, even better!

  • Facture Goods (pictured above) makes some of my favorite pieces to use and photograph with
  • Roseline Pottery makes some simple, gorgeous mugs and other kitchenware
  • 1220 Ceramics Studio also makes gorgeous pieces, but order now, since they’re based in Tel Aviv!

Chocolate ($2.95-$39): I don’t know about you, but I’m always happy to receive chocolate, especially when it’s delicious and high quality coconut sugar sweetened chocolate.

Vitamix ($299.95): I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that my Vitamix is definitely my most used kitchen product, having dethroned my KitchenAid stand mixerwhile ago. I even have *two*, one of which is the newest most affordable model, the E310Explorian.It’s an amazing deal for less than $300, because I’ve found it to have the same power as the larger, more expensive model. This is a worthwhile splurge for someone who wants to dive into the world of smoothie bowls, no-bake cheesecakes, and homemade nut butters.

Di Oro Products: Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will appreciate high quality kitchenware, and Di Oro makes some of the best. I’d recommend their seamless silicone spatulas (as soon as they came into my kitchen, my others were banished to a drawer, not to be used since) and their FLEX silicone turner spatulas. There’s a reason they’re the highest ranked spatulas on Amazon! Use code BAKERITA for 30% off your order when ordering from the Di Oro site.


Jacobsen Salts ($4-$32.95): If you’ve been around here a little while, you know how I feel about sprinkling everything with a little flaky sea salt. Jacobsen makes the best flaky sea salt, harvested in Oregon, that’s perfect for the chef or baker in your life. Get tiny tins of sea salt or go all out and get them a six-vial flavored salt gift set OR the complete infused vial set, or even BETTER, get the gift that keeps on giving with the Salt of the Month Club. If you want to stick with one flavor, the black garlic salt is life-changing on anything savory, and the vanilla bean salt is heaven for anything sweet. Use code FRIENDS20 for 20% off through December 31st, 2017!

Whisk Necklace ($59-$290): My mom got me a gold whisk necklace for my college graduation, right when I was going full time on Bakerita. I still wear it every day, two years later, and it starts conversations everywhere I go about what I do. It’s still in awesome shape and is just as cute as ever :) This is the perfect present for the baker in your life – it’s absolutely adorable, and that’s from someone who doesn’t wear jewelry much.

Homemade Nut Butters: homemade gifts are often the best ones, especially when they’re edible! I love giving out nut butters during the holidays – they last longer than a plate of cookies, and you can give all sorts of flavors that your giftees wouldn’t be able to find in stores. Give a jar of Strawberry Cashew Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nut Butter, Banana Cacao Nib Pecan Butter, Super Seed Nut Butter, or any of my other flavors and watch their smiles light up.

Gourmet Nut Butters: Alternatively to the above, homemade option, you can also purchase gourmet nut butters to give to your nut butter loving family and friends.

Superfoods: Since I usually know about the latest and greatest superfoods and superfood products before most of my family and friends, I love gifting them to help give my loved ones a healthy boost. Here’s a few of my favorites:

North Face Agave Jacket (~$80): the other night my mom and I showed up for charity work matching in this jacket – it’s seriously the coziest! It’s got the softest fleece lining the inside to keep you super warm. I wear mine on all of San Diego’s coldest days, and for those of you in actually cold weather, it’s kept me warm on ski trips to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth too. I have the grey color, but it comes in a WIDE variety of colors, and a hooded version is available too.

Toms Slippers ($60): I got these slippers for Christmas last year and they have been a staple on my feet all year long. I love that they have a hard bottom, so I can run out to get the mail without changing into “real shoes,” and they are SO warm and cozy that I rarely want to take them off.

Allbirds ($95): It all started with a Facebook ad. I saw it sitting on the couch with my dad, read about the merino wool sneakers, claiming to be the comfiest ever, and showed it to him. We ended up each buying a pair right then. Fast forward a year later, and I bought a pair for my mom last Christmas, my dad got a pair for my sister, my boyfriend has two pairs (and his parents have them too), and I’ve got a second pair too. I wear them most days, because they are in fact, the comfiest. I’ll be surprised if they don’t become one of the most worn shoes in your giftees closet. They come in two styles and I only have the sneakers (two colors), but word is the loungers are just as comfortable and amazing.

Candles: A nice candle is a holiday classic, and I know I always appreciate a beautifully scented and packaged candle for the holidays. Soy candles are my preference, as they’re best for the environment and tend to last the longest. Some of my favorite picks are:

  • 1502 Candles are made locally here in San Diego with soy wax. I love the scents blue spruce and ember (perfect for the holidays) and forest fern and gardenia for a more floral scent.
  • Diptique makes luxuriously scented (and priced) candles that make a gorgeous gift. I received the fig scent last year, and I still have a bit left.
  • Voluspa also makes gorgeous candles with a ton of fragrance throw. Even better, the containers themselves are beautiful and worthy of display. The persimmon scent is particular favorite of mine.

Sonos Speakers ($147+): if the music lover in your life doesn’t have a Sonos yet, get them a present they’ll be obsessed with. Sonos allows you to connect to the speaker wirelessly via your phone or computer, and you can connect Sonos speakers all over your house. My dad’s had them all over his house for years, and I use mine just about every day. The Sonos Play:1 is a good place to start someone’s Sonos collection, and it connects to an Alexa so you can control music with your voice.

Framed Photos: I’ve already ordered a couple of framed photos as gifts this year, and all of the custom framing sites make it so easy! I used Frameology and just had to upload the photos, choose frames, and order. It was super simple and affordable, and an easy way to give a personalized, unique gift. Framebridge has a similar service with some different styles, too.

Cocokind Skincare ($9-$19)I’ve been using Cocokind Skincare for the past six months or so, and I’ve got to say, my skin has never been softer. Even better, everything they make is completely natural, with no artificial colors or dyes or weird ingredients. In fact, everything is edible, it’s so clean. I live by the MYMATCHA stick (it’s the perfect stocking stuffer), and I also love THE COLORS makeup line, the chia face oil, and the facial repair serum. For ultimate hydration, there’s nothing better than the matcha face moisturizer. You pretty much can’t go wrong!

Plants: I’m a big fan of giving plants as gifts, just make sure to give black-thumb friendly plants if your gift receiver doesn’t have a green thumb! A Money Tree (also known as a Pachira aquatica) is a wonderful good luck gift and it’s pretty hard to kill – word has it you’re not supposed to buy them for yourself, so give one to a friend to help them have a lucky and prosperous 2018. A Snake Plant is another plant that thrives on neglect – I recently gave one to my sister for her birthday in a handmade ceramic planter to live in her dark room. Head out to your local nursery or even hardware store for the best selection.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: these lamps don’t just provide a beautiful look and glow – they also help clean and purify the air around you and are a popular negative ion generator. I have one on my bedside table that is almost always on. It has all sorts of supposed health benefits, and while I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes, it certainly does bring a smile to my face to see it glowing, and if it’s helping make us healthier too? All for the better. This one is perfect for just about anyone on your list!

Yoga Mat: if the yogi in your life doesn’t have a nice sturdy mat, why not give them an upgrade? A nice mat makes a huge difference in your yoga practice and is something that is sure to be appreciated. Manduka mats are extremely high quality, great for any type of yoga practice, and come in a ton of colors and weights. For those who like hot yoga, Sugarmat makes beautiful mats with gorgeous patterns, and they’re topped with suede for extra support during sweaty hot classes.

How To Be A Badass: This book by Jen Sincero is a good gift for anyone. It’s the kind of book that reminds you of the kind of life you want to live, and how to take steps forward to go about living it. It reminds you of the importance of loving yourself, a message we all need, and inspire you to take action towards positive change. Jen is super real and funny, and not a bit of corniness. And since it’s less than $7 on Amazon right now, order a copy for yourself too!

Hopefully I’ve helped you cross a name or two off your list, or at least inspired you towards it! Happy holidays :)

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and these are all products I LOVE and recommend completely!

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