The 2022 Bakerita Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is here, with my favorites that you can give to anyone, to your favorite bakers and cooks, and the best stocking stuffers!

Easy gifts for anyone

u003cstrongu003e211 to Waterloo Gift Boxesu003c/strongu003e

I’ve personally received the Perfect Provisions box as a gift and it was absolutely delightful, with Brightland olive oil, gorgeous sea salts, and a tea towel. They have so many beautiful u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eholiday-specific boxesu003c/au003e, or you can curate your own. The perfect one-stop gift shop when you don’t want to spend too much time picking, packing, u0026amp; wrapping.

Bakerita Blend Nana Joe’s Granola

This Magic Bar Granola was created in collaboration with Nana Joe’s Granola and it has been a HIT since it launched. It’s inspired by my childhood favorite holiday dessert, and it is absolutely scrumptious – made with coconut milk caramel, chocolate chunks, gluten-free u0026amp; vegan graham crackers, and pecans! I’ve heard from SO many people that they reordered this limited edition granola as soon as they opened the first bag. It’s the perfect gift for anyone you can think of :) you’ll probably want to buy a three-pack so you can snag one for yourself.

u003cstrongu003eLomi Composteru003c/strongu003e

For the person in your life who avoids food waste – the Lomi is the answer. I bought one before it launched during their Kickstarter campaign and I love how I can turn what would have been trash into compost for the garden in less than 24 hours. No need for a compost bin – just place all of your food scraps in the Lomi, turn it on, and let it do it’s thing. Get this for anyone with a garden and/or a love for sustainability. Save up to $200 by purchasing before 12/1/2022!

u003cstrongu003eThe Perfect Water Bottleu003c/strongu003e

This glass water bottle with a straw has gone EVERYWHERE with me since I got it. I left mine in a hotel room and immediately ordered another one because it became an immediate essential. I already bought one for my sister for her birthday so she stops stealing mine…shhh! You’ll definitely want to add this to your list for literally anyone – or yourself. It comes with two straws and is in SO many colors and sizes.

Oura Ring

Anyone who likes tracking their steps or sleep will love this. I’ve had my Oura ring for years and I’m obsessed with it and constantly singing it’s praises to everyone around me. It helps predict when your body is starting to feel under the weather so you can nourish yourself more fully, and helps you track your sleep cycles to get the most efficient rest. I love how it’s more sleek and less distracting than something like an Apple Watch. When you order, it sends a sizing kit so you can make sure your gift-ee (or yourself) gets the size they need. Using the link below will give you a discount!

u003cstrongu003eRabbit Hole u003ca href=u0022 Bourbonu003c/au003eu003c/strongu003e

Don’t know what to get someone, but know they love a good drink? A bottle of this award-winning bourbon whiskey from Rabbit Hole is always a good idea – perfect for sipping, sharing, and enjoying on it’s own or in your favorite cocktails. I’m not a huge drinker, but I love gifting this to someone who can make me a delicious bourbon cocktail with it! Bring this one to a holiday party! You can find it on u003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022 too.

The best gifts for the chefs in your life

The Bakerita Cookbook

I had to include my cookbook on this list! With over 1000 5-star reviews, this book is sure to be a hit with the bakers in your life. It has over 100 gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free recipes that you’ll love. I receive so many messages from people who bake from my book every week, and nothing makes me happier. You can even find it in Spanish, Chinese, and German!


Anyone who loves to bake or cook will ADORE this gift – there’s not an appliance that’s more used than my u003cspan data-tasty-link-remove=u00221u0022 class=u0022tasty-linku0022u003eVitamixu003c/spanu003e in my kitchen. Perfect for making everything from cheesecakes to smoothie bowls to sauces. If your giftee already has a Vitamix, they’ll love this u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eStainless Steel containeru003c/au003e. I bought it to replace my plastic one when it broke and it’s my new favorite.

u003cstrongu003eBrightland Olive Oil u0026amp; Vinegaru003c/strongu003e

These olive oils and vinegars are not just beautiful, but they’re absolutely delicious. The garlic olive oil is a particular favorite, but everything I’ve ever tried from this brand is delicious and immensely gift-able thanks to the gorgeous packaging. Your favorite foodie friends will find millions of ways to use these.

Graza Olive Oil

The second olive oil on the list, but I couldn’t help adding Graza! I’m addicted to these oils. They are for the drizzle queens! I love this olive oil brand – they have two core products, Sizzle u0026amp; Drizzle. Sizzle is for all your cooking needs, and Drizzle is for anytime your olive oil isn’t cooked. I love it all over my avocado toast, salads, and popcorn. The squeeze bottle is a game changer!

Staub Dutch Oven

For everything from bread, to soups, stews, and braises, a Dutch oven does it all. I’ve had my u003cspan data-tasty-link-remove=u00221u0022 class=u0022tasty-linku0022u003eStaub Dutch ovenu003c/spanu003e for many, many years now and it is a workhorse. It holds heat incredibly well, cleans easily, and looks beautiful, so you can serve your meal right from it and keep it stored on the stove.

u003cstrongu003eRevolution Panini Makeru003c/strongu003e

This u003cemu003egame-changing u003c/emu003eu003ca href=u0022 makeru003c/au003e will be a new favorite for anyone around you who loves a good sandwich. It fits into just about any toaster, and it’s way easier to use u0026amp; clean than a panini press – I know, because my panini maker hasn’t come out since I got this guy. Buy this for your favorite panini lover, bring over some soup, and have a delicious feast! It’s even on Oprah’s favorite things list – so you know it’s good!

Global Knives

These are my favorite knives u003cemu003eever. u003c/emu003eSo sharp, cut perfectly, and last forever. A Global knife was the first u0022fancyu0022 knife I ever got, and remains my favorite. Anyone who loves to cook will adore a Global knife (or set, if you really love them!).

Primal Kitchen Ingredients

This brand has been a favorite of mine for years, and anyone who loves to cook will welcome their ingredients into their repertoire! I’m a particular fan of all their dairy-free Alfredo sauces, their avocado oil, and their pizza sauce (it’s perfect on my gluten-free pizza crust). You can find their products online or u003ca href=u0022;utm_medium=socialu0026amp;utm_campaign=biggerbite_giftguidesu0026amp;utm_content=bakeritau0022u003ein-stores near youu003c/au003e.

Best self-care gifts

Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha has been one of the best things I’ve added to my skincare routine this year! It helps sculpt the face, release tension, and drain your lymphatic system. A game changer for any skincare lover. Pair it with a face roller for extra drainage.


This u003ca href=u0022 from Stacked Skincareu003c/au003e has u003cemu003echanged the game u003c/emu003ewith my skincare routine and anyone who loves to take care of their skin will love this. Your skin will never be softer! It helps remove dead skin, softening and removing dry skin and clogged pores along the way. The perfect thing to add to anyone’s skincare routine. u003cstrongu003eUse code Bakerita15 for 15% off your order of $75+!u003c/strongu003e

OddBird Robe

If you want to spoil your favorite person who loves to pamper themselves, get them a robe from OddBird Co. These robes are luxurious: sustainably made in Turkey with 100% natural materials. They feel so nice and soft on the skin. Perfectly warm for the winter, but not too hot to transition to the summer months. Their u003ca href=u0022 setsu003c/au003e are some of my favorites too!

Snif Fragrances u0026amp; Candles

I discovered Snif earlier this year while on a hunt for a new perfume. I found two I loved, and have been obsessed with this brand ever since. They let you try the scents (both perfumes u0026amp; candles) at home for 7 days before committing, and the scents are very gender neutral. I’m u003cemu003eaddicted u003c/emu003eto Sweet Ash, in both perfume and candle form. Pick something you know your loved one will adore, or give them a gift card so they can try and buy themselves.

Parade Sleep Sets

I’m a Parade fiend – my closet has been taken over by their super soft fabrics this year. I practically live in the u003ca href=u0022 bodysuitsu003c/au003e, but for gifting, the SuperSoft lounge pants are unmatched! I live in mine and get unreasonably upset when they have to go into the wash. You’ll probably want to pick up some goodies for yourself, too :)

Bearaby Weighted Blanket

I am O B S E S S E D with this weighted blanket and I put it over anyone who lays in my bed u002du002d and then they immediately want one too. It’s a weighted blanket, but instead of being hot and stifling, like some of the ones made out of polyester can be, it’s soft, breathable, and stays pretty cool to the touch thanks to the cotton or tree-based fibers that are used. They also make a velvet version. Get this for anyone who could use some better sleep and prepare to be their new favorite person.

Stocking stuffers & gifts under $20

Raaka Cocoa Mushroom Magic

I’ve been adding scoops of this to my coffee and making myself magical hot chocolates ever since I first tried this – it is so delicious, loaded with mushroom goodness (that are so good for you, but you can’t taste), and naturally sweetened. Raaka Chocolate is always ethically sourced and fair trade. BAKERITA20 will get you 20% off!

Maldon Sea Salt Tins

These tiny tins are not just adorable, but contain the best flaky salt around! These are perfect for adding to any gift or stocking. Throw one in your purse and you’ll never be without your favorite finishing salt. Your favorite foodie friends will LOVE this.

Cocokind Matcha Stick

I’ve had one of these in my bathroom for years and reach for it constantly for dry lips, elbows, nose, or whatever else needs some good hydration. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer!

Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bars

Hu Kitchen has been a favorite for a while, and their chocolate bars are always a hit! Sweetened with no refined sugars and absolutely delicious. My favorites are the Cashew Butter u0026amp; Raspberry and the Almond Butter Quinoa. The No Sugar Added Chocolate Chips are amazing for holiday baking, too! Use code BAKERITA for 20% off.

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