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Oreo Cake

Oreo Cake | Bakerita.com This Oreo Cake…well, it’s heaven.

This cake, my peanut butter mousse pie, and many other treats I haven’t shared (yet!), were all made in the same 4 day period.

Every night, after we ate dinner, my dad, my best friend Paige, and I would be sitting on the couch, watching TV, or a movie, or doing whatever, and at some point, one of us would walk over and bring out the cake and the pie. The three of us would stand around the counter, shaving off small slices of each. And more small slices, and more, until we were all so full of chocolate, peanut butter, and oreos that we thought we would burst. [Read more...]


Caramel-Glazed Apple Cake with Caramel Whipped Cream

Hey guys! Stephanie over at Life Tastes Like Food was kind enough to ask me to guest post at her gorgeous blog! Here's a little preview, head over to her blog to read the rest and get the (amazing, if I do say so myself) recipe!

Being from Southern California, I had never really, truly experienced “fall” until this year. Venturing up to college in Tacoma, Washington, one of the things I was most excited to experience was the weather. Weather, I have come to know, as being cold, wet, and dark. Yes, I admit, I do miss the California sunshine.

However, as I watch the leaves around campus turn every

shade from gold, to maroon, to purple, I do marvel at the idea of fall I’ve missed out on all my life. Fall was always a mysterious concept. Trees change colors? The leaves actually fall off the trees and just lay on the ground? It was nonsensical, yet intriguing. The cool winds, the dark clouds, the occasional peak of warmth from the sun daring to come out, and of course the gorgeous leaves, have given me reason to appreciate the change in seasons I’m finally learning to experience.

To finish reading the rest of the post and/or to get the recipe, click here!

Be sure to check out Stephanie's blog while you're at it, she's an incredible writer and photographer.


5 Ingredient Chocolate Whipped Cream Tart


So, you know those tiny, crunchy cookies that you can buy at Costco or Trader Joe’s? Well, I buy those all the time. My excuse is always “but I’m going to make something with them!” to my hesistant parents.

We always go home with the cookies, and they end up being eaten without ever being transformed into something new. So, last week, at Trader Joe’s I bought the cookies and vowed that I actually would make something with them this time. I had been dreaming about turning them into a crust for some sort of pie/tart, but I couldn’t decide what to put inside of it!

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