Salted Rosemary Pecan Brittle from

Salted Rosemary Pecan Brittle

Salted Rosemary Pecan Brittle from I’m a little…okay, a lot, behind on the holiday gift train. Seriously. 4 days before Christmas? Most of the parties are already over, but I digress. I may be super duper late with this recipe in blogger-world, but if you’re still needing a Christmas gift, a stocking stuffer, or a wonderfully tasty snack for Santa’s platter, or you know, just to snack on while your wrapping presents, this salted rosemary pecan brittle is amazing.

It is different from the typical peanut brittle. That was the original direction I was going with the recipe, but somehow things got away from me and I ended up with a wonderful version of brittle that I know I’m going to be making over and over again. [Read more...]

Carrot Cake with Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting |

Carrot Cake with Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cake with Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting | I’ve been baking a lot since I’ve been better. I’ve got time to make up for since I was sick for so long – I only got so much time at home! I’m already going back to school on Tuesday, so I need to have a ton of posts ready to share with you guys.

I have a ton of amazing posts and recipes lined up that I’m dying to share with you guys, but all in good time. Patience, guys. Patience.

(I’m talking more to myself than all of you…I’ve just been dreaming about some of the things I made recently!)

But currently – I have an amazing carrot cake recipe to share. [Read more...]

Pecan Pie (made with browned butter and NO corn syrup!) |

Pecan Pie

Oh, pecan pie, my love.

I never tried pecan pie until I first started (really) baking, which was just after my 16th birthday (AKA just a little over three years ago).

I had always found the pie curious, and I’d always wanted to try it, but my family always stuck with the requisite apple and pumpkin for the holidays, and I never really got the chance.

[Read more...]

Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh boy, life has gotten busy. Between tests, homework, studying, sorority stuff, and spending time with my friends, baking and posting has been delayed a bit! However, I’m making up for it by sharing with you one of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted.

Yeah, that sounds sort of cocky to be saying that about my own cookie, but I make things the way I like them for a reason. If my word wasn’t enough, my dad and uncle said the same thing. [Read more...]

Hummingbird Muffins [a delicious muffin full of toasted pecans, pineapple, and mashed bananas!] from

Hummingbird Muffins

Life has definitely caught up with me lately. Gone is the slow, leisurely pace of summer and back is the hectic, crazy lifestyle that only other college students seem to understand. There is definitely a balancing act that’s involved in college success. Each person needs to find their rhythm – the correct balance of classes, studying, and socializing that works for them.

I also throw baking into that equation, as it’s something that ranks pretty highly on my importance list. I arrived back on campus this past Friday, and since then has been a complete whirlwind of reconnecting with friends and acquaintances, shopping for room necessities and decorating, and the worst – unpacking and organizing. It’s been extremely hectic around here, but I’m happy to say my new room is completely organized to my liking and is looking super cute thus far! [Read more...]


Coconut Pecan Granola (GF & Refined SF)

As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m eating handfuls of this granola. Yes, I know, it’s two hours before dinner and I’m going to get full. Guess what?

I don’t even care. This granola is so good, and so addictive, I just can’t stop eating it!

I’m a granola fiend, and I’ve always loved it, but once I started making my own, there was no going back to the almost-stale, too-sweet, practically-a-candy-bar granola that you find in most grocery stores. Yeah, you can find “homemade” granola at lots of breakfast restaurants and cafes, but a 1/2 pound bag goes for $10 a pop! Who needs to spend that much money on granola, when you can make it yourself, personalized just how you like it, for waaaay cheaper? [Read more...]