Cranberry Crumb Bars | These easy bars are sweet, tart, and delicious! (From

Cranberry Crumb Bars

Cranberry Crumb Bars | These easy bars are sweet, tart, and delicious! (From So, I know I’m a little bit late but…Happy New Years!!

I would have said that exactly 9 days ago, but unfortunately my New Year was rung in asleep in my bed (where I had been since 7:30 P.M., thank you very much), with the beginnings of a nasty bout with tonsillitis. It was a rough 8 days, and yesterday, when I was finally able to get out of the house (because I had literally not stepped foot out of the house in 8 days), I was exhausted by 11 A.M., took a two hour nap, and was still in bed at 8:30 P.M.

This recovery thing might take a while.

While I was sick, I couldn’t even do anything. Like at all. I watched TV occasionally, but even that got to be strenuous and I would get turn it off, roll over, and go to sleep so I was unconscious for my misery. [Read more...]


Cranberry Apple Honey Crumble

Sometimes, I make things at night. Actually, this happens a lot. Usually, it’s fine and I can save some/all of what I made until the next day so I can take pictures of things to share with you all before I let my family and friends pounce on it. However, when we’re having a family get together, forget about it. I like to serve things fresh so the cookies and cakes and pies are usually coming out of the oven as people start to arrive. Things get eaten before I can even attempt to step back and snap a shot. Usually, it’s not too big of a deal. Either I remake it again to share with you if it was that good, or it just never gets posted if it wasn’t incredible (oops). Occasionally, if I’m lucky, I can hide a few to photograph the next day. That’s a rare occurrence.

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