St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Roundup

Irish Car Bomb Cake from | Photo/recipe credit to Beth!

Irish Car Bomb Cake from | Photo/recipe credit to Beth!

I’m starting to really miss baking. While doing this roundup…I was dreaming about all the fun St. Patrick’s Day inspired recipes that I would make if I were home. I’m thinking chocolate, booze, and more chocolate. Major kitchen home-sickness. Also, a ton of my friends here are going to DUBLIN for St. Patrick’s Day. Could you imagine a more fun time to visit?! I’m not going…but going to Copenhagen instead isn’t a bad way to spend the weekend either (if I don’t go broke) :O

Anyways – enough about me. While I drowned in my kitchenless sorrows, I rounded up some absolutely amazing-looking recipes from all of our favorite bloggers for you to drool over. We have booze, we have chocolate, and we have sprinkles. What more could one ask for?! I mean…seriously. That cake above?! That’s an Irish Car Bomb Cake from, and I want to eat it all (thanks for letting me use your photo, Beth!). I also added some savory treats, to round out your sweet binge. Take some clicks around, and prepare to be impressed/hungry. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and remember to wear green on Monday. Don’t want to get pinched!

And for the savory…

Please make these foods, and tell me about them, so I can wallow in jealousy.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my grilled cheese! Happy. St. Paddy’s :-)

  2. Thanks for featuring my cake, Rachel! This is one heck of a round up! Love the sweet and the savory. I can’t even imagine what the festivities will be like over there in Europe! Sounds like too much fun!!

  3. Great round-up! So many fun treats! Have a great weekend lady!

  4. I know that car bomb cake!!! Oh yeah! Gorgeous!!

  5. What a great roundup, Rachel. I hope you had the most amazing Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

  6. Fabulous roundup, Rachel! Loving all the cakes and that Mac ‘n Cheese is calling my name. Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the week!

  7. Oh boy. I almost want to make every recipe on this roundup! Hope you had a great St Patrick’s day!

  8. That cake looks delicious and so moist! Too bad my husband doesn’t like chocolate – I’d have to eat this whole cake all by myself! :)

  9. This looks like a great roundup!! Many of them can be done all year round. YUM!

  10. Thanks for featuring my cake!! You’re too sweet :)

  11. Awesome Roundup! That cake looks amazing!

  12. How am I just seeing this! Thanks for including my recipe Rachel! I still can’t get over how dreamy Beth’s cake looks!

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